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The Feline Exchange

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Furry Art Exchange!
Welcome to the Feline Exchange

The felineexchange is a "secret santa" art exchange community like furartxchange2. During roll call you submit a character you would like to seen drawn, and another artist will be sent an email with your character to draw. But, hey, most of you have already done this before.


1. Your character must be a feline of some type (real or fantasy). If your character is a hybrid, they must be at least 50% feline.

2. After emails are sent out, you have about a month to work on a picture for your chosen. If you miss the deadline, you will be blacklisted until the picture is completed. If you are blacklisted, that means you are banned from entering any other rounds until you are off the list.

3. You must have at least one reference picture of your character. Even if its just a simple sketch - use it.

4. You must give a link to a personal gallery upon entry into a round. This is just to make sure you are putting effort into your entry. Everyone has different abilities, so we need something to compare it to.

5. Constructive criticism is allowed and encouraged, but no bashing or rude remarks.

6. Be sure to thank the person who drew for you, for that month. It tends to make the artist upset if you don't. If someone makes art for you, you should at least say "Thanks" to them.

7. The Artwork turned in, must be the character you were assigned. If your chosen specifies that you have creative liberty with the design of the actual character, that is fine, but otherwise, please stick to the descriptions given to you. Remember, these are other people's creations - treat them with respect.

8. No artwork over the rating of R. Nudity is fine but please place under a cut and mark as NSFW (not safe for work). This is an all age group, and we would like to keep it that way.

9. Have fun. This group is about sharing art and learning, that is what we’re here for.

This community is moderated by tomoyoavalon
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